About Us

The Company was established in 1983 based on two fundamental concepts:

I. That there was a growing demand, which would blossom, for greater grace, style, quality, and better function, in bathrooms – as had developed earlier in kitchens.

II. That bathtubs from the existing mass manufacturers would not answer this demand well because of their demonstrated failure to consider the fundamentals of bathing function and ergonometrics, and their past utilitarian design styles.

We collected the vital labour skills, inherent in the area from traditional craftsmen; working with chemical manufacturers we developed the necessary materials specific to baths, which would overcome the inadequacies of existing materials used in making baths – for which none of them were originally intended; and we hired designers of creative vision and with a view on improving bathtubs.

Over the quarter century we have pursued these aims with a passion. We introduced our ‘own brand ‘CABUCHON® BATHFORMS’ in 1991, and through it have set out to be in the forefront of bath design (www.cabuchon.com) combining good taste, elegance, and comfort, with functionality in classic styling - both traditional and modern. We build bathtubs and tooling for prestigious international companies and over 24 years have built a unique and unrivalled experience in designing and building bespoke bathtubs. We have honed, grown, and developed, our skills and taken advantage of new materials, processes, and technologies, in order to provide our clients with the very best products, including Hydrotherapy Systems, quality and personal service.

The considerable advantages and benefits of our proprietary composites over other bath materials, and the options which they give that other bath manufacturers cannot offer, are detailed in ‘THE BATH REINVENTED’. Our 25 year Guarantee is detailed on the 'Our Guarantee' page.

If you would like us to quote you for your special bath, your unique bath, your unusual size bath, please view YOUR BESPOKE BATH.

From plan to finish