Every bathroom is different. So, too, is every customer’s sense of style and colour. Consequently, we don’t believe that customers should have to settle for a fixed range of products in predetermined sizes and shades. An important benefit available to all Cabuchon customers is our bath customisation facility. Below are a few recent examples of clients who have taken advantage of it.

Colour Matching

A customer based in Hove recently purchased a Calyx 1230 deep soaking tub, together with a chrome-finished extended waste/overflow.  The customer is in the process of renovating his bathroom and, as part of this project, he purchased a number of grey tiles. Having visited the Cabuchon website, he knew that we could supply our baths in literally any colour, so he provided a tile sample and asked us to match it.

We began by checking our standard library of pigments but unfortunately, that did not include a perfect match. With the customer’s agreement, we then subjected the tile to a computer colour matching process, which enabled us to manufacture the bath in exactly the right shade. It is now under construction and looking beautiful.

Metal Plating

Another customer placed an order this week for the larger version of our Imersa deep soaking tub. This will be produced in Imperial White.

Normally, the Imersa is supplied with chrome-finished grab bars but the client asked if the bars could be produced with a polished nickel finish in order to match the taps on his existing sanitaryware. He had a similar requirement for the visible part of the extended waste/overflow. We readily agreed to have the grab bars and overflow specially plated. Once complete, we will fit them to the bath ready for shipping.

An example of the Imersa with a special plated finish.

An example of the Imersa with a special finish – in this case, brass.

Modification of Bath Sizes

A customer from Newcastle upon Tyne recently ordered a Yasahiro deep soaking tub in Superwhite. It was fitted with a bespoke front panel in a matching Superwhite colour. One important constraint was the bathroom’s dimensions. The customer had only a 1415mm gap to work with, yet the Yasahiro’s usual length is 1440mm. We therefore made the bath with narrower rims in order to make it fit the plan. (Please note that with any such project, the bath’s internal dimensions remain the same.)

Bath customisation: a Cabuchon craftsman working on a hand made bath

All Cabuchon baths are hand-crafted and so various modifications (including rim size) can be made while the bath is being built.

Another customer – this time in Aberdeen – purchased a Nirvana deep soaking tub in Superwhite and this too was subject to space restrictions. The Nirvana has a normal width of 860mm but the customer’s bathroom allowed a space of only 825mm. We designed and built the rims to suit and the finished bath will now fit perfectly.

If you are planning a new or remodelled bathroom and you’d like to know more about our bath customisation facility, please visit our Bath Tub Options page or contact our customer support team on +44 1524 66022.