The Bath Reinvented

Ficore - the Bath reinvented

Design & Form Ltd has pioneered the development, over the last quarter century, of composites to provide better materials for the manufacture of baths. The material from which a bath is made matters considerably, not only aesthetically but for its potential for design, its effective fundamental functioning such as comfort, its safety, cleaning, and of course its durable life.

Our most–used composite, FICORE® (pronounced FEYE- CORE), was developed by us over 20 years ago and is stronger, and more rigid than any other non-metal or stone bath material, but unlike both retains the heat, and is not heavy nor liable to chip.

It is a solid composite, not a laminate or bonding, its various components being fused together in the manufacturing process. It therefore will not de-laminate nor come apart. It has a number of clear advantages over standard bath materials. For instance;


* Because of its integral strength, baths made from Ficore need no metal nor wooden reinforcements, no chassis. They will not shift, creak, nor ‘give’!

* Ficore permits more sharply defined details and tighter angles; for instance – in Cabuchon® Bathforms range - the sculptured rim of the Palladian or the Octavia, and the right-angled rim edges of the Pleasance or Pleasance Plus, or the rim detail of the inner rectangles in the Regency’s panels.

* Ficore permits us to modify the external dimensions of rectangular baths and numerous other features such as depth, depending upon which bath, while building the bath on the tool.

* Any one bath built in Ficore can be any colour; or colours.

* Ficore can be offered in most finishes, such as matt.


* Ficore’s insulating qualities keep the water hot over six times longer than acrylic and over twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal.

* Its tactile surface always remains warm to the touch.


* Ficore is immensely strong and sturdy but not heavy.

* It requires no framework to assemble or install.


* Ficore’s hard surface means that it can be kept clean of normal dirt and grease easily. Hard water stains and excess soiling build ups can, if necessary, be wiped clean with a soft wet warm cloth and Cif or Ecover.

* It is resistant to most chemicals – whether acid or alkaline.

* It is resistant to cigarette burns.

* Although more impervious to damage than other bath materials, if damaged it can be completely repaired as new; unlike those other materials.

* It is guaranteed for 25 years.

DESIGN & FORM’s other major composite is VITRITE® cast resin with the same basic characteristics as FICORE® but developed to overcome the tendency of most cast resins to crack or craze on impact. It is largely used for Free standing baths, its appearance and weight resembling ceramics.

In sum, both composites are longer life and better performance for your investment. Technical briefing papers and samples are available for each.


Please click here for full details of our 25 year guarantee.