There are two ways in which we can provide bespoke baths

I. By designing a new bath completely, and manufacturing a pattern/tool on which to
build it;

II. By modification of an existing pattern/tool or bath which is near the required size.
This is obviously a more economical way than I.

It is a fact that two baths of exactly the same external dimensions can be considerably different in cost, dependent upon the details. Those details, which are necessary if you wish a specific firm quotation, are listed on the CONTACT FORM, so that, if you have preferences, you can tell us. However, to give you just a ‘ballpark’ estimate of price we need to know at least the major factors – type of bath, external length and width, internal depth, please..

A designers hand for your bespoke bathIf there is room for compromise on any dimensions or detail please tell us. A slightly different detail could make a worthwhile saving in cost.

A simple sketch – no matter how crude is valuable: And a knowledge of your bathroom and what dictates your wishes is often crucial for us to offer suggestions from our unparalleled and wide experience of 24 years.. We need to know what you know in order to tell you what we know.