We currently have a client who is in the process of renovating her newly purchased cottage in Wales. She wanted a feminine, fresh and light feel to her property. She invested in one of our Calyx 1230 deep soaking tubs and wanted the tub to be a “pearly white” to complete the desired look.

Upon her colour request, we looked at some of our samples to see if one would match the description and, fortunately, we found one by the name of Saneaux White. We sent the sample off to our customer for approval and, happily, it was just what she was looking for.

The manufacturing process has now begun and the client should soon be taking delivery of her new bath, perfectly colour-matched at no extra charge.

We keep a database of literally hundreds of standard colours, including 85 different shades of white. As this example illustrates, we can provide an accurate match within our standard pricing if the required colour is already listed on this database. If a customer requires more than one colour, a special paint effect or colour-matching with an unusual shade that is not in our database, then we can still oblige for a small additional fee.

For more details about colour options and other forms of customisation, please see our Further Options section or call us on +44 (0) 1524 66022.