We can work from technical drawings, or written specifications, or simply sketched, OR by you mailing us this form completed; as you wish.

Note: Whichever way you choose, as it is a fact that two baths of exactly the same external dimensions can vary tremendously in cost dependent upon the internal details of each, we need to know as much detail as you can give us.

Consequently, although external dimensions are obviously important for space design, the key to comfortable, pleasurable, relaxed bathing is to maximise the internal space.

Viewing the wide range of baths on www.cabuchon.com may guide you.

What we need to know are:

Type of bath:
Single or double ended?
External measurements:
Internal depth?
Square or round ends to exterior?
Square or round ends to bowl?
Any other factors that are important to you:
Not vital, but can you give us a simple sketch of your proposed bathroom layout?
Your name:
Postal address (it affects the price):
Your telephone number?
Email Address:

No information will be divulged to others. Your email address is the most efficient way for us to reply to you.


Please send the details above or write to us at admin@designandform.com

or write to:

Bespoke Bath Customer Service,
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Tel. +44 (0)1524 66022

THANK YOU. We’ll be back to you.

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