At Design & Form, our ability to produce fully customised baths means we can add features that greatly enhance your comfort and enjoyment. One of these options is Bluetooth sound.

Clients commonly consider spa hydrotherapy and chromotherapy when thinking about luxury bath designs, but sound is sometimes overlooked. Water jets can soothe, and coloured lighting can set a mood, but so too can music. People use music to create an atmosphere when driving, relaxing and going about their daily lives, so why not apply the same principles when bathing?

We can fit any custom bath with a high quality, British-made Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are hidden away, fitted to the ‘dry side’ of the bath (most commonly on the inside walls) and they are connected to a small Bluetooth receiver. This can be paired to any Bluetooth-compatible device  such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop – and it has a receiving range of up to 20 metres. The sound vibrations transfer directly into the bath walls, effectively turning the entire bath into one large speaker.

The sound quality is excellent and because the music transmits through the water, bathers will be able to feel as well as hear the music.

The system is popular amongst private customers because it means they can take long soaks while listening to their favourite music.  It is also popular amongst children because it enables them to listen to songs and audiobooks at bath time.

In addition, we are increasingly fitting Bluetooth sound to baths produced for business clients. For example, we fit sound systems to most of the birthing pools we manufacture because music can be an attractive option for mothers choosing a water-birth. A bath with an in-built sound system also opens up new possibilities for hoteliers, architects and interior designers.

For more information about fitting Bluetooth sound systems to custom baths, please contact our customer service team on 01524 66022. (Please dial +44 1524 66022 if you are calling from outside the UK.)