About Hydrotherapy Systems

Design and Form Ltd’s Hydrotherapy Systems were expressly developed to provide better function and comfort than the mass produced whirlpools, and - above all - to allow us to, uniquely, have the capability to custom design and build each system to suit the specific therapeutic and relaxation needs of each individual client.

So, while the jets are small, elegant, and unobtrusive, they can in fact deliver more power than conventional whirlpools, and with a pump that delivers that power with little more than a discreet hum.

The number of jets is determined by the size of the bath, the individual specific results required, and the budget. The systems can be Manual or Electronic and both have an integrated drainage sub-system to ensure that all water from pump, piping and jets drain freely through the waste each time the bath is emptied.

Our underwater Chromotherapy lights feature 7 shades of colour which can be set to cycle through the sequence or remain on any one colour selected.

Each System is built to comply with the building/plumbing/electrical standards/codes/laws/insurance requirements of the country in which it is to be used.

For comprehensive detailed information on our Cabuchon® Bathform Systems’ options –many of them unique to us - and characteristics, please click on http/www.cabuchon.com/hydrotherapy.htm .