Custom Bath Design Options

Bespoke Bath Design Options

We offer you a wealth of bath design options. We can produce custom baths of any size, and with any shape, style, angles, curves, planes or colour. The fundamental shape of the bath will be exclusive to you and can incorporate features that would be impossible to obtain from other manufacturers.

Bath Sizes

The only limits on bath size are essentially practical: access constraints (e.g. will the bath fit through the door/window?), the dimensions of the bathroom itself, and weight. The larger the bath, the heavier it will be when filled with water so it’s important to be sure that the bath design is appropriate for the structure of the building.

We can and do produce large custom baths for shared bathing but, at the other extreme, we also design compact deep soaking tubs for use in small bathrooms. These might be in conventional cottages or hotel rooms, or in more unusual environments such as yachts.

Bath Shape

We design baths of almost every conceivable shape. Again, the constraints are mostly practical: the bath must drain properly and must be built to a sufficiently robust specification, but beyond that, the choice is yours. Circular, oval, rectangular, triangular, asymmetric – even organic-looking shapes are perfectly achievable. We can create corner baths, freestanding baths and almost any other shape you can imagine.

We offer clients an almost limitless choice of bath design options

We offer clients an almost limitless choice of bath design options

Bath Material

We invariably build or custom baths from FICORE®or VITRITE® because we believe these are the very best materials available. They allow a fineness of detail that few other materials can match, they are strong, they retain heat exceptionally well and they have a warm, tactile feel against the skin. However, where required, we can incorporate other features and materials into a bath design, such exterior lighting and tempered glass.

Bath Colour

Our proprietary materials, FICORE® and VITRITE® allow us to produce custom baths in one or more colours. One popular choice is to make the interior of the bath a different colour to the exterior. Another is to have the bath set on a differently coloured pedestal. Special colour effects such as stripes or coach-striping can also be specified.

There is literally no limit to the colours you can choose. We can match the colour of other manufacturers’ sanitaryware, or indeed other bathroom materials such as tile or fabric. Our computer colour matching service also allows us to match the base colour of naturally variegated materials such as wood and stone. If you can provide us with a sample, we’ll do the rest.

Surface Finish

VITRITE is specially designed to give a high gloss finish. FICORE, too, is normally supplied with a high gloss finish but, optionally, it can be made matt or semi-gloss. Bath exteriors can also be primed in readiness for special paint effects such as marbling or rag rolling, or prior to the application of decorative textile panels.

Bath Seating

Most bath design companies overlook the fact that bathing is much more comfortable when the feet are set lower than the rest of the body. Even a shallow seat can add greatly to comfort and relaxation. Thus, we often recommend that a seat be incorporated into the bath’s interior design. This will be an integral, seamless part of the bath. One larger custom baths, two or more seats can be incorporated.

Fittings and Brassware

We can fit all the appropriate brassware and fittings, and in a wide choice of finishes such as chrome, polished nickel and brass. In addition to taps/faucets, wastes and overflows, we can also fit integrated grab bars and other aids to accessibility.

Extra Features

For the last word in bathing pleasure, we offer a range of luxurious features including spa hydrotherapy systems, underwater lighting, in-line water heaters and Bluetooth sound systems. Please see our Spa Hydrotherapy page for more details.