Bespoke Bath Design

Bespoke Bath Design – What to Expect

Our craftsmanship, our design expertise and our unique materials give you the freedom to choose whatever bath you desire. Our focus on quality means you’ll get precisely the design, the finish and the performance you want, but it’s important to realise that the hand-crafting process takes time. To give you an understanding of what’s involved, here’s a step by step guide to how we make a bespoke bath.

Bespoke bath design takes time but for those whose first concern is quality, it's a worthwhile investment

Bespoke bath design takes time but for those whose first concern is quality, it’s a worthwhile investment

Making a Bespoke Bath: The Key Stages

The process begins with a discussion. We might meet face to face, if that’s convenient, or via a series of emails and telephone calls. In any event, we will first make sure that we have a complete grasp of the brief; that we understand your objectives, constraints, needs and preferences.

Next, we’ll produce preliminary drawings. These will incorporate all the elements from your brief, perhaps combined with our own recommendations for features that will improve comfort, practicality and convenience. You’ll have ready access to decades of bespoke bath design experience and we’ll be pleased to advise on issues such as ergonomics, installation, and the incorporation of extra features such as lighting, sound systems or hydrotherapy.

This will enable us to develop an exact specification – a collaborative process that will also determine the bath’s colour and finish, as well as your choice of brassware and any other special requirements. Only when this specification is complete and agreed will we then begin to make the tooling on which we’ll build the bath.

The requirement for precise tooling means that a bespoke tub will inevitably take time to produce; the design stages, the approval of drawings and the manufacturing process can take two to three months.

Once built, your bespoke bath will then be fitted with any extra features you’ve chosen before being securely packaged, ready for shipment.

This is a process that requires time, experience and exceptional craftsmanship, so a bespoke bath will be a significant investment. However, if quality is your first concern, then it’s an option that also delivers excellent value for money. You’ll take possession of a unique, luxury bath that combines the very best in comfort, elegance, performance and durability.

Multiple Bath Orders

We serve both private and business clients. Where necessary, we can produce multiple units of the same bespoke bath design – typically for professional clients such as architects, developers and hoteliers groups. We do likewise for international bathroom brands and specialist bath suppliers. In such cases, the unit costs will obviously be lower.

Whatever the size of your order, we will never pass on the design to others, so you can be sure that your bespoke bath will remain unique to you.

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