Spa Hydrotherapy

Spa Hydrotherapy and Further Options

Luxury bath design is about going beyond the ordinary. A custom made bath can incorporate a spa hydrotherapy system and an array of other features that make bathing a special pleasure.

Spa Hydrotherapy Systems

Hydrotherapy is a form of warm water-based massage. While many mass-produced baths include ‘whirlpool systems’ that do little more than create a pointless show of bubbles,  a true spa hydrotherapy system will yield measurable benefits in terms of health, relaxation and resilience in the face of stress.

The secret to efficacy is bespoke design. Like conventional massage, hydrotherapy can only be truly effective if it is applied to the right places and if the pressure can be varied according to need. Since all bathers’ bodies are different, the best spa hydrotherapy systems must therefore be tailored to the user and they must be easily controllable. That has always been our philosophy, which is why we build every system according to a unique, personalised design.

The bespoke placement of jets is essential for making a spa hydrotherapy system truly effective and worthwhile

The bespoke placement of jets is essential for making a spa hydrotherapy system truly effective and worthwhile

Our spa hydrotherapy systems feature flush-fitting ‘eyeball’-style’ jets, which we install in a custom pattern, and which can be swivelled to target specific groups of muscles. They can vary in number between 12 and 32, dependent upon the size of the tub and the required effects. They are available in a choice of finishes – white, chrome, brushed nickel and antique gold – though other special finishes are available on request.

We offer both manual and electronic versions, all easily adjusted using controls that may be mounted on the bath rim or on an adjoining wall. The electronic versions offer a number of important advantages including:

  • A simple 4-way control touchpad.
  • A level sensor. This automatically turns the system off if the water drops too low whilst the jets are operating.
  • A hot air booster. This offers a choice of seven levels of power.
  • A hot air blow-dryer. This dries the piping when the bath is emptied.
  • An air zone diverter. This allows the user to adjust the airflow balance between the two ends of the bath.
  • More power. Electronic systems are capable of delivering more power than manual systems.
  • The option of adding chromotherapy lighting (see below).

Whether electronic or manual, our spa hydrotherapy systems are distinguished by their quiet operation, hygienic design and robust engineering. Every system is backed by a lifetime guarantee on pipework and jointing.

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Electronic hydrotherapy systems can be fitted with an accompanying chromotherapy system. This uses in-built LEDs to light the water and so induce subtle changes of mood. With a single control, the system can be set to cycle slowly through a spectrum of colours or it can be set to a single colour as required.

The underwater LEDs are set into the bath tub wall. They are safe to use and require very little energy. A single LED cluster is normally all that a bath will require, but two may sometimes be useful on very large baths.

A single set of chromotherapy LEDs is usually enough for all but the largest spa hydrotherapy baths

Pictured: a single set of chromotherapy LEDs is usually enough for all but the largest spa hydrotherapy baths

Inline Water Heating

All our spa hydrotherapy systems can be fitted with an inline water heater that keeps the water warm without the need to drain and refill the bath. Safe and hygienic, it’s a great option for those who enjoy long soaks.

Bluetooth Sound

Music has an obvious power to set a mood and so it makes a logical addition to the ultimate bathing experience. Our integrated music systems are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop etc.) and will receive a signal from a distance of up to 20 metres. The controls are exceptionally user-friendly.

The speaker is connected directly to the bathtub walls. This effectively turns the bath itself into one large sound box, so the sound quality is excellent.

For more details about any of our special extra features, please contact us.