The Cabuchon Luxury Bath Range

Cabuchon Bathforms

Established in 1991, Cabuchon Bathforms is our own-brand range of luxury bath tubs. Featuring models of varying styles and sizes, it encapsulates all the qualities that make Design & Form special. All Cabuchon baths are hand-crafted from FICORE® and they carry a 25 year guarantee. What’s more, because of their unique composition, they can be supplied in literally any colour.

Our Cabuchon range embraces four key product categories.

Deep Soaking Tubs

We introduced the world’s first modern deep soaking tub in 1991. Inspired by the traditional Japanese ofuro, we developed a bath that would allow luxurious deep soaking but in a more comfortable seated position. Based on rigorous research and customer trials, we determined that a low seat added greatly to the bather’s comfort and left the neck and shoulders more relaxed than in a convention luxury bath.

This relaxed, upright posture, combined with the ability to soak up to the upper chest, made deep soaking tubs ideally suited for use with spa hydrotherapy systems. Today, our soaking tubs are chosen by customers worldwide, including those from the Far East. We offer six different deep soaking tubs in all, ranging from the minimalist-style Calyx to the twin-seated Xanadu. Our fifth-generation Yasahiro is pictured below, and the latest introduction to our range is the easy-access Takara.

A luxury bath for deep soaking: the Yasahiro with spa hydrotherapy system

A luxury bath for deep soaking: the Yasahiro with spa hydrotherapy system

Find out more about deep soaking tubs on the Cabuchon website.

Freestanding Baths

Our freestanding luxury bath tubs offer a choice of beautiful styles, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. They are designed to act as the visual centrepiece to a bathroom and have featured in bathrooms that went on to win prestigious international awards. Nevertheless, while they are undeniably elegant, they have all been designed ‘from the inside out’ to ensure a supremely comfortable bathing position.

Classically-styled examples include the Pleasance Plus – a modern take on the Georgian ‘slipper bath’ – and the Osborne, a double-ended version of a classic Victorian design. The most distinctive of all Cabuchon’s free standing baths is the rectangular, double-ended Elysia, but there are many others to consider.

The Pleasance Plus is a luxury bath (free standing) that featured in an award winning bathroom design project

The Pleasance Plus is a luxury bath (free standing) that featured in an award winning bathroom design project

Find out more about freestanding baths on the Cabuchon website.

Built-in Baths

Our built-in luxury bath tubs are designed to fit seamlessly into an overarching bathroom design concept. All of them can be built into a surface (such as marble, wood or tile), leaving the rim protruding so that more of the bath’s shape and character are visible. This is known as drop-in or inset style. All but one of them can also be undermounted, which involves placing them beneath the deck, into which a suitable aperture has been cut. Fewer of the bath’s external features are visible but the overlying surface retains simpler, unbroken lines.

Whichever format you prefer, our built-in baths offer a wealth of design choice, with circular, oval, rectangular and two-person models.

The Serenity Plus luxury bath, here pictured inset, with its rims visible

The Serenity Plus built-in bath, here pictured inset, with its rims visible

Find out more about built-in baths on the Cabuchon website. 

Hydrotherapy Systems

Most Cabuchon baths can be fitted with a bespoke hydrotherapy system, which adds a luxurious extra dimension to bathing.

Ideal for soothing tired muscles, our spa hydrotherapy systems are designed to deliver measurable therapeutic benefits. They have been shown to promote healthy circulation and relaxation, and they can help to relieve pain, muscle tension and stiffness.

Find out more about fitting a hydrotherapy system to a Cabuchon luxury bath.