A History of Outstanding Bath Designs

Company History

Design & Form was established in 1983. It was founded upon the belief that baths could be made better.

We set out to solve two fundamental problems. Firstly, mass manufacturers too often offered bath designs that neglected ergonomics and function. They were either cheap and utilitarian – based on conventional ‘horse-trough’ shaped designs – or they were visually striking but uncomfortable and unsatisfying to use.

We addressed this challenge by designing our baths from first principles. Function would be paramount. Our bath designs would be based around the bather; they’d be comfortable and well laid out. Only when we were sure of a truly pleasurable bathing experience would we turn our attention to a bath’s external design.

The second challenge was quality. The materials commonly used for bath manufacture all had their drawbacks. Many lost heat very quickly, others were excessively heavy or prone to chipping, scratching or staining. Most did not permit the fine detailing necessary to realise the most stylish designs.

We solved this with another radical approach. Having found no material that did the job to our satisfaction, we worked with leading resin specialists to produce our own. To our knowledge, FICORE® and VITRITE® remain the only high performance composites ever developed specifically for the manufacture of luxury baths.

The resulting combination of function-led design and purpose-developed materials proved profoundly popular with customers, and the business began to grow.

Bath designs of all sizes and shapes are possible via our custom bath design facility

Hand finishing one of our custom bath designs.

In 1991, with our reputation spreading, we took the decision to introduce our own brand name: Cabuchon Bathforms. Through it, we introduced a collection of luxury bath designs that embodied our founding principle:  that baths should be designed firstly around the bather’s needs.

Since then, we have continued to innovate, introducing new bath designs, pioneering the development of bespoke spa hydrotherapy systems and launching the world’s first modern deep soaking tub.

In 1983, we set out to change bathing habits. Today, we’ve made that vision a reality.